Ars Technica figures out inflation: An inconvenient truth: game prices have come down with time.

Of course, comparing the retail prices in relative value isn’t the whole picture but it’s enough to make a point1.

In an earlier post’s footnote I already did the math for the golden advice given in The Secret of Monkey Island, namely that in the last 20 years that “never pay more than 20 dollars for a game” rule in 1990 has now almost doubled to “never pay more than $32.80 for a game” in 2010 US dollars.

That rule would still exclude most of the AAA games today, they tend to start from $60 (or 60€ in this odd 1 USD = 1 EUR parity tech industry seems eager to keep). However, Ron Gilbert’s DeathSpank fits perfectly below that rule!

For more information, see Money Illusion.

  1. The point being that I’m getting old.