Adventure games are not dead! LucasArts have announced that in addition to the sequel to Full Throttle, they are also starting to work on a sequel to Sam & Max: Hit the Road. The leatest Monkey Island game was somewhat of a disappointment, the plot was even worse than the previous and the 3D graphics were not able to give the same feeling as the traditional 2D.

Screenshot from Full Throttle 2: Hell on Wheels
Screenshot of what could have been Full Throttle 2

This causes a lot of worry because I’m quite certain that the sequels for Full Throttle and Sam & Max will be 3D and, obviously, sequels. The last piece of art from LucasArts was not a sequel, but a totally original game, Grim Fandango. It was their first 3D adventure, though. However, unlike MI4, Grim Fandango had an awesome story and the 3D style fit the game.

Therefore I’d rather hope LucasArts would make a new adventure game or a series and not just seuqels. Grim Fandango showed that they can do amazing stuff, but apparently the game was not a commercial hit for the company. The sequels are certainly a safer bet but they will very likely just rehash the old like Monkey Island 4.

Originally posted in my now offline Blogger blog and in Finnish. Things didn’t exactly go as planned - and thank the adventure game gods for that.