Hi, I'm Kari Silvennoinen.

I'm currently working as the Head of Business Intelligence at Ubisoft RedLynx and lead on our studio level our game analytics and BI efforts. I work with design, production, marketing and live operations to understand our players and improve user experience in our games. This boils down to ensuring that everyone in our organization has the information and knowledge to make the right decisions. I have experience in analytics and statistical methods in games industry and financial services, turning messy data into meaningful and actionable insights, and analyzing customer behavior. My key interest areas are business intelligence and behavioral economics.

I have worked over 10 years on mobile, console and PC titles in both free-to-play and premium business models and in both production and live operations capacities. At RedLynx, we shipped the first Ubisoft Mobile free-to-play title, Trials Frontier, which went to be featured in Apple App Store's Best Games of 2014. Games I have worked on include

A long time ago, I wrote on the now defunct Tech IT Easy and also on Business Analyst Playing Games. Couple of years ago, I co-authored the award-winning Verokuitti tax receipt calculator site.

For more on me and what I have been doing, please check out my LinkedIn profile or follow @ksilvennoinen on Twitter.